It’s fast approaching your BIG birthday and you want to start a skincare routine 🎂

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So you want to start a skincare routine, weather it be the decades are rolling in, (usually the pending 30th & 40th birthdays put the push on 🙈) or you have skin concerns such as acne, masacne or pigmentation etc.

My best advice is start with a maximum of 4 products 🧴. Let’s be honest if you’re not used to doing anything with your skin you’re hardly gonna last long with a Korean 7 step morning and night routine. Keep it simple and keep it consistent 🔑

1. Cleanser- doesn’t have to be the most expensive in the shop, it’s on your skin for 2 minutes twice a day! The key is to get the one that suits your skin type. 👌

2. Serum- this is an active hard punch little devil that will treat your skin concerns. Get the best quality one you can stretch your budget to! The little molecules go right into your skin and make the difference in the lower layers. Target your biggest concerns with your serum 🥊

3. Moisturiser- again it’s on your skin all day so invest! Your moisturiser will keep your skin in tip top shape and treat your skin type & concerns. If there’s no spf in yoyr moisturiser, you can use it morning and night. If there is a spf in your moisturiser you can only use it during the day (remember to top it up or top up your make up with spf). Never wear an spf to bed, it will dehydrate the life out of it 👑

4. Spf - at this stage I should be the spf queen I recommend it that much! But it’s super important for your skin, the protection from the suns rays is only the minor thing it does! It helps protect from blue light who isn’t stuck to their phone or computer all day these days! This protection will help stop your skin getting dull and grey! Also protects from the aging ray from being outside in general and yes that includes your office desk in front of the window and your driving around! Spf regardless of what one you use HAS to be topped up EVERY 2 hours from sun rise to sun set! Apply your spf in the morning, allow to penetrate for 20 minutes, use Jane Iredale foundation and let’s face it your more likely to top up your make up that remove it to put on an spf! 🤪 Jane Iredale foundation is enough protection for your skin IF you apply your spf in the morning and then apply your foundation.

Im all about the simple life. The least amount of products doing the most amount of work 🙌🏼

need help to pick your Fab Four? We offer skin consultations in the salon and online via zoom 


Stephanie 👑

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