Environ Skincare

Environ Skin Care is a science based product range, designed to promote production of healthy skin, protect the skin from light exposure/environment toxins, and reduce the signs of aging.

Dr Des Fernades is the creator of Environ, Dr Des is a surgeon and his philosophy on Vitamin A and skin is this "Aging skin is a direct result of Vitamin A deficiency caused by sunlight - correct the Vitamin A deficiency and you will have more radiant looking skin"

The corner stone to Environ ingredients is Vitamin A.

Environ Step up system introduces Vitamin A in low levels, and gradually increases levels of Vitamin A.

The Environ Skin Essenta range begins with AVST Gel, followed by AVST Moisturisers 1 - 5.

When the skin has come accustomed to the level, usually after 2-3 containers of each level, you then can proceed to the next level, we recommend consulting the guidance of professional therapists when moving through the levels.

Online Skin Consultations

At Skin & Tonic , we offer  free Environ Skin Consultations online and also offer Environ Skin Consultations at our skin clinic in Northern Ireland and shipping across Uk & Ireland

It is essential to have a Skin Consultation before using Environ products to ensure you are getting the correct Environ product for your skin. In order to purchase some Environ products you will need a password to access these. 

Please be aware that Vitamin A based products can cause skin reactions, it is best to follow advice of professional skin care therapists.